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I purchased the CBD Lip Balm and lotion at and love both of them. Mollie is very helpful especially if you dont know much about CBD products. I am happy to say that I shopped local for the holidays. I highly recommend Taylor Farm Hemp Co.

❤︎ Denise

Mollie's products have worked amazing for me, I've had ankle pain for years and use her topical daily and it reduces the pain remarkably. She's also extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all the products benefits and uses. It made me confident in what I was getting and for what I wanted it for! Highly recommend!!


❤︎ Josh

I have been using the Double strength CBD and Arnica Muscle and Joint Rub for months and it is fabulous! To be honest, I was a tad skeptical but truly every time I apply it I feel immediate and significant pain relief! I absolutely recommend it! Mollie is a wealth of knowledge and is able to provide such valuable information about the product that is best for your needs.

❤︎ Karen

I use the CBD oil to chill out my feisty cat when he’s feeling a bit anxious or on edge. It works wonders and he loves it! He comes running when he sees me take the bottle out, and once he’s had a few drops he enjoys whatever is ahead, be it having his nails trimmed or having to go for a ride in his crate. Other meds have not worked well in managing his stress, and it’s such a relief to know I can give my cat something natural, and something he enjoys!

❤︎ Annie

I have tried a few of the products and they really help with my body pain and the gummies help me to sleep

❤︎ Wayne

I have several of your CBD products.  It's amazing how fast they work. I have 3 friends that had I let use the Body Butter, now they buy your products.

❤︎ Gerry

I have used all of the products for various reasons. So in love with the calendula healing salve. I use it everyday on my cracked hands and get so much relief. Also any skin rash on my kiddo, goes away over night. The pain reliever is amazing on my knee,& soar neck. The body butter is luscious. And the bath bombs rock my tub! I always have at least one product in my purse. Thanks for enriching my life!!!

❤︎ Meghan

The CBD gummies work wonders for my anxiety and helping me sleep while traveling. They’re also delicious! I use the CBD oil to help calm my extremely anxious dog and it helps her relax without dragging her down like her prescribed meds do.

❤︎ Hannah

I use the CBD Salve for arthritic pain and it is amazing! I put some on a friend’s back for her pain and after taking a few steps away she turned to look at me with her jaw dropped!

❤︎ Kate

The double strength CBD and Arnica Salve is life changing! If you own a body and ever experience pain it’s a must-have.

❤︎ Leah

Love the CBD/Arnica double strength. Have been using it for several years now and get great results for muscle tightness/soreness. Would definitely recommend this product!

❤︎ Brenda

The arnica/CBD salve helped me every day with my joint pain from Lyme. It truly is my saving grace

❤︎ Shannon

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